Story Ideas Tools to Keep Track of Your Inspiration

You can have all the story ideas a writer could ever want, but if they’re just written on bar napkins, stickies and on the backs of envelopes, your chances of finding that one idea are a lot slimmer than if you have a central place to keep all your story nuggets. Here’s an article from webworkerdaily’s blog about some tools to help you keep those story ideas in one place, in essence creating your very own “tickler” file. Get those ideas organized!

Last week, I took a look at what I called “Brain Tickler Tools” – Notefish and Instapaper – tools that went beyond bookmarking but actually helped me create some kind of writer’s tickler file where I could return anytime and browse over content to get ideas for articles and blog posts. I promised to check out a few more recommended by the WWD community.

I have to say that my experience with two other apps – Evernote (still in limited beta) and Google Notebook – was quite different from the first two I tried. They didn’t work as well for me. Hey, I’ve got to be honest here but also should clarify my criteria for what “works well for me” means. Read entire post

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About Deb

Deb Gallardo is a published author for adults and children, an educator and an accomplished performer in concert and on stage. She helps fiction writers find story ideas, and offers writing tips, advice, exercises and inspiration.
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