Story Ideas – Hidden Wonders to Stir Your Writer’s Imagination

I don’t know about you, but I’m intrigued by, and my imagination goes into over-drive, at hearing about underground cities, buried civilizations, secret underground facilities and the like. At I came across these fascinating, but all too brief, story teasers and photos. These should whip your creative juices into a veritable frenzy.

The neat thing about “wonder” is this: If you already have wonder activated within you, that will respond to any wonders you encounter. So turn on your “wonder magnet” and start attracting the wonders that are all around you, as well as those scattered around the globe.

Browse photos and brief descriptions as you visit places you’d never guess were under your feet at the links below. (They should each open in their own windows so you don’t lose your place here.) Then return to leave a comment below on what you liked and didn’t like. Hope your imagination gets as fired up as mine did.

Underground, Underwater and Other Wonders

From centuries-old crypts to dizzying stairways and bridges through caverns several stories tall, to secret, cold war underground bunkers and tunnel systems, take a vicarious journey to places you’ll likely never see in person. Visit 7 Underground Wonders

Labyrinths, a secret underground city in Japan, a Hobbit’s home replica in Wales, a buried bridge in Scotland (video included), salt mines in Poland, imperial tombs in China, and a strange tale about elevated streets in Seattle can be found at 7 More Underground Wonders.

In the waters off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt, ruins of what may be Cleopatra’s living quarters have been discovered, submerged. In the Bay of Cambay, India, archaeologist have discovered an ancient city 5000 years older than anything in the area. In Thailand, a submerged temple is the center of an ecological controversy. In Japan, mysterious underwater pyramids seemed to be carved out of bedrock. Off the coast of Cuba, megalithic ruins may pre-date all other ancient cultures in the Americas. In the North Sea, digital mapping has uncovered evidence of a submerged landscape that may have been home to an ancient culture. Finally, mounting evidence may point to Antartica being the lost continent of Atlantis. See the extensive photos at 7 Underwater Wonders.

Pirate treasure lore, tropical paradises, glacial islands – these are some of what you’ll find at the next link on our list: 7 Island Wonders.

From trying to stem the tides that overflow the city of Venice, Italy, to a dam designed to hold back more than a trillion cubic feet of water in China, to a bridge in France that is taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris, these and other marvels of human design can be see at 7 Engineering Wonders.

Click to view “the scariest, steepest, longest, widest, narrowest, most confusing and most crooked urban streets in the world!” at 7 Urban Wonders.

The Lilypad Project may be decades from development, but the concept is pure genius and might be straight out of a 20th century science fiction novel. Certainly the top authors of the genres would likely wish they’d thought of it. Hmm. Perhaps one of them did. Imagine a floating city of 50,000 inhabitants that is totally self-sufficient. For those whose homes will eventually be covered by the rising seas due to global warming, this would be an incredible solution. Read more about the Lilypad Project here.

There is also a wind turbine that could produce the power of 64,000 acres of single windmills, a solar power tower in Span, plans for skyscraper farms, a planned 50-square-mile eco-city, plus large- and small-scale building projects that combine solar and wind power in their buildings’ designs. See these and more in photos and artist renderings at 7 Wonders of Modern Green Design and Technology.

Photos posted with these articles listed here are truly worth 1000 words each. Let yourself be inspired by the wonders found in places you may not get to travel to. Or better still, discover ideas that may start you on a journey that will actually take you to some of these places because you must in order to write the stories that are churning inside you since being captivated by one or more of these wonders

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